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Whilst the timber is light, it’s strong and will not crack or split when nails or screws are used and best known as Paulownia Shutters.

Built to last

Paulownia wood has a delicate and knot-free grain making it the perfect wood for painting or staining. Although it’s hardwood, it is approx. 1/3 lighter in weight when compared to other hardwoods, which makes it an excellent choice for Tier on Tier or broader openings. It’s great for the environment too. A deep-rooted tree with a well-developed root system will yield one cubic meter of hardwood in 8 years, after which a new stem will shoot. Therefore, a single plantation can be harvested several times, providing a sustainable, renewable source of timber. Whilst the wood is light, it’s strong and will not crack or split when nails or screws are used.

Easy installation

Any minor adjustments needed in frame sizes are easily corrected with a simple plane or sand back and paint. The Paulownia wood range is best if you fit large windows due to its lightweight nature.

The smoothest of finishes

This range offers the full range of C&C options – 13 paints, 11 Wood stains, 4 Limewash finishes, Solid Shaker & Solid, Raised shutters, plus this range can be manufactured in every shape possible.

The Limewash finish clearly shows the grain of the wood through the paint. This range could be described as having a nautical/beach vibe. If your customer’s décor choice is rustic or shabby chic, or they request a driftwood appearance, then this could be the shutter for them.

The Paulownia shutter has a different style, Clearview Rod, to our other ranges and is designed to allow slat operation without strain on the wood. The range does offer all 4 Rod control options. Central, Offset, Clearview and Hidden. Available in a full range of paint colours and design options, you can offer this in custom colours, too*.

Scarlet Blinds and Shutters do the colour match to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux Trade or RAL colour.

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