What are blinds, and how many types does it have?

Blinds are used to cover the window. So, many different types of blinds are available in the market. Window blinds are available in various styles, designs, and colours, each with pros and cons. While considering the blinds, here below are some of the most popular options:

Roman Blinds

The traditional curtain type dates from the eighteenth – to the nineteenth century. These blinds have horizontal slats held together with two or more strings that allow you to raise or lower the slats to control the light coming from outside. These blinds are very functional, and also, they are easily customized for any design according to customer requirements.

Straight Blinds

The straight blinds are an alternative popular to Venetian blinds. The main thing about these blinds is that they slide up and down rather than left-to-right. So, these blinds are mostly used in offices or homes for large windows. This type of blind is also on-demand for patio doors. In this way, you can close it slightly and keep access to the door.
Also, straight blinds are very good for blocking the light efficiently compared to horizontal blinds. It is very helpful in homes for saving energy and privacy skills, which is very helpful for offices and homes on the busy street.

Small Blinds

Mini or small blinds resemble Venetian blinds in their functionality and appearance, except for their size or length. These blinds are easily opened from the ground toward the upside for available in-house and office spaces by pulling the cord. Hence, it allows you the opening level of slats. This type of blinds is made of aluminum, making them affordable and lightweight.

Panel track blinds

Panel track blinds are a modern and stylish type of blinds. It can be easily customized according to customers’ requirements. These blinds are ideal for sliding doors and larger windows. This flexible window treatment hangs on a framed window track and piles on each other to open it sideways, such as straight curtains.

Smart Blinds

It is the automotive type of blind that can be easily controlled with the help of the hand remote or smartphone. This popular and efficient type of blind is in high demand, and it is beneficial for those homeowners or business people who do not like to slide the blinds manually and do not like the dirty ropes of the blinds.
Also, it controls the security of your home when you are not at home and prevents the blinds from your phone. But you must know that these blinds are expensive due to their high and secure functionality. When you have decided to install this type of blind, you must hire an expert technician.

How are blinds better than curtains for light control?

Everyone at their home or office wants to control the light, then in this way, blinds are better to control the incoming light from outside properly. Which type of blind gives the proper light control? Venetian blinds give the ability to adjust the slats for light control properly. Therefore, light control by blinds is better than curtains. So, consider the blinds rather than curtains when making your decision.

Are blinds easier to clean?

Blinds are made with strong and smooth material. So, you can easily clean blinds with a damp cloth, which is very easy and quick to clean. If you want to remove the dust from the blinds, you need to close the slats properly and wipe them with the dust first from front to back. After that, you can set the slats at 180 degrees and again follow the same cleaning process.

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